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  • Welcome to PRNV Services
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    Why PRNV Services? 



    1. When it comes to launching your service at an online platform, PRNV SERVICES is the best choice.
    2. At PRNV SERVICES, we are running our services with the motto of “NO MIDDLEMAN AND NO COMMISSION”.
    3. We have A-Z categories of services.
    4. We are here with complete transparency in services.
    5. All our service providers are trained.
    6. If anyone joins us as a franchisee and service provider, they will get the chance of higher and long terms income at minimum investment.
    7. Service providers are doing work at low prices compared to other companies. Because we don’t have any ambassador for promoting our services.
    8. Service providers can directly contact their clients and fix the prices and service timings.
    9. At PRNV SERVICES the rates of the services are affordable because we don’t have any celebrities for promotion.
    10. Service providers/franchisee can easily start their business with the online promotional support of PRNV SERVICES at minimal rates compared to other companies.
    11. Franchisees and service providers can work independently.
    12. The franchisee can enjoy the profit at PRNV SERVICES and lifetime enjoyment through one-time hard work.
    13. PRNV SERVICES is one of the best companies providing numerous advantages to franchisee owners, services providers, and clients.


           Benefits for customers/clients

    1)           At PRNV SERVICES, customers/clients can choose any of the service providers that fit their needs.

    2)           Customers/clients can check all the details about the service provider at our site, including their number, working experience, and many more.

    3)           In other companies, many services providers call you and explain their services but at PRNV SERVICES, only the service provider you pick at our site will contact you. This will save your time by not talking to numerous service providers.

    4)           Customers/clients are getting huge profits while availing services from PRNV SERVICES because we charge the least charges.

    5)           At PRNV SERVICES, the rates of service providers are affordable because we don’t have any middle man or any ambassador for promoting the services.

    6)           Customers/clients don’t have to pay an extra amount. PRNV SERVICES is one of the leading Business Opportunities made with a unique concept where there are NO MIDDLEMEN and NO COMMISSIONS. We are only charging the amount that is used as expenses like handling charges and others, other than this we are not charging any other charges. This will benefit customers/clients as now you will get service at low rates.

    Example: Let’s service provider at PRNV Services will charge Rs. 100 for any specific service, then the total charge that the client has to submit is Rs. 100 + 18 (18% GST) = Rs. 118 

    In other companies, you have to give extra money. Other companies may charge Rs. 150 for the same service. The total charge you have to give is Rs. 150 + 27 (18% GST on Rs. 150) = Rs. 177

    7)           If you are availing of services from PRNV SERVICES, we will charge reasonable prices for the services. Our services are comparatively up to 30% less to other market rates.

    8)           You are going to experience one of the best experiences by requesting services from PRNV SERVICES’s service providers.

    9)           Here clients are getting one of the best services that you can never found on other companies. Service providers are working independently with maximum effort and dedication for the client’s satisfaction and strong connection. If the client gets satisfactory services they call the same service providers whenever the client needs service and hence service provider gets great income.


    Benefits for Services providers

    1. PRNV SERVICES has A-Z categories of service providers. Any service provider can join us. We are providing one of the best opportunities to all the service providers through our leading online promotional services.
    2. We are providing online promotion of service providers. This helps you to attract your clients towards your services. You don’t have to spend lots of money to join the PRNV SERVICES.
    3. For us, all the service providers are like our stars that shine through their great services and PRNV promotional support. We are providing direct contact to the customers/clients where one service provider can fix the service charges and work schedule on their own.
    4. In other companies you will get the rate card of Rs. 150 for any general service whereas in our company our service provider will do the same work at Rs. 100. From this it is clear that you are going to charge less for the same service.
    5. At PRNV SERVICES, we aim to provide a direct and transparent link between service providers and their customers/clients. Service providers can get in touch with PRNV SERVICES and enjoy the long-term benefits of quick income providing service to customers/clients.
    6. Service providers have to do the hard work and this hard work is the key to your working skill that will help you to grow more and hence creating a strong relationship between you and clients.


    Benefits for franchise owners

    1. For the people who want to start a business with little amount of money and can do hard work, join PRNV SERVICES. You can run a franchise independently and work according to your manner.
    2. A great opportunity is waiting for you to join and become a franchise owner.
    3. You can easily become a Franchise owner and get a great profit from total collected amount from service providers every time and on the service provider’s every renewal also. Franchise owners are also getting profit if you join under 100 franchises.
    4. Our Charges are very low as compared to other companies because we don’t do marketing using the identity of any celebrities.
    5. Joining PRNV SERVICES, the franchise have to do hard work in the initial days but after you get a name and fame in your area, you are going to experience a long terms profit and hence you can also explore/expand your franchise.
    6. A great opportunity for enthusiastic startups is waiting at PRNV SERVICES. At PRNV SERVICES, franchise owners are getting best offers to become the entrepreneur who have little investment and have confidence and dedication to work and earn huge money.
    7. For the franchises owners, it is the chance to grow their business and enjoy life term income. Connect with PRNV SERVICES investing small amount as fee in beginning and continue with our company by paying monthly renewals.


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