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    Refrigerator Service in Vidhan Sabha (Hyderabad)

    Our refrigerator is perishable to cool the food, and still, the same operation is continuing with the same function, and the refrigerator renovates as per the technology. A varsity of smart fridges was invented in the market, and the growth of them increases. With these modern appliances, our kitchen looks changing at an extreme level. Refrigerator Service in Vidhan Sabha (Hyderabad). Our daily lives were changing as per the new innovative products. In such a way, we were purchasing them. But maintenance is essential in every product; if not, we need to move near the refrigerator repair service center.

    What We Offer?

    PRNV Services provide the best refrigerator repair services at your doorstep, and the refrigerator had specific common issues let’s follow the below. Those issues get rid of by our service center. 

    Condenser Coil

    Condenser coils are placed at the bottom of the appliance, and the evaporator coils are usually found behind the rear panel. The refrigerant in a gas form is first pumped into the condenser coils where the gas condensed into a hot liquid; the condenser coils dissipate the heat as liquid travels through them over time. These coils will collect dust, dirt, and hair; then it gets affected.

    Condenser Fan Motor

    A malfunctioning condenser fan motor could also prevent the refrigerator from cooling correctly; it fails when air passes to the condenser coils. The component can fail mechanically or electrically. Refrigerator Service in Vidhan Sabha (Hyderabad). A broken fan blade or a blade that does not turn freely could indicate a mechanical failure. If the motor is receiving the power but doesn’t run, the motor probably failed electrically.

    Evaporator Fan Motor

    The evaporator fan motor draws air over the coils to cool it and circulates the air through the freezer and refrigerator compartments.if the evaporator fan is defective cold air will not be circulated into the refrigerator.Refrigerator Service in Vidhan Sabha (Hyderabad). if the motor is unusually noisy when the refrigerator is running, or the fan blade does not run freely you should replace the motor with a new one

    Start Relay or Capacitor

    the start relay or capacitor works in conjunction with the start winding to cycle the compressor on and off. If the relay or capacitor is faulty, the compressor may fail to cycle properly or may not work at all.  

    Evaporator Frosted Over

    Evaporator coils collect frost as the air passes over them since frost build-up can cause airflow problems then the coils require periodic defrosting. Older models needed to defrost manually but most of today’s models use an automatic defrost system consisting of

    • Defrost heater
    • Defrost thermostat and 
    • Defrost control 

    Depending on your model, the control may be a defrost timer or defrost control board.

    Temperature Control Board

    The temperature control board allows voltage to be sent to the compressor and the fan motors. If the control board is malfunctioning, the cooling system won’t cycle on, then contact with refrigerator repair services near you.

    Why PRNV Services for Refrigerators?

    To have spot services, then contact PRNV SERVICES. Finally, prefer the refrigerator Repair Services at your doorstep. It is an essential appliance in everyone’s life. 

    • PRNV Services possesses highly-skilled people or professionals to give their best. Even it provides the most experienced service providers to finish the work effectively.
    • Moreover, the people provided by this top-best online service providing company are customer-friendly. Thus, they see 100% customer satisfaction.
    • PRNV Services gives a quick response to the consumers whenever they book for any service.
    • Regardless of the boundary limits, it offers the service anywhere in Hyderabad. So, the consumer of any location of Hyderabad can book their service at any time. 


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