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    AC Repair and Services in KPHB Colonyac repair services



    PRNV is a well Established Company in AC Repair in KPHB Colony Hyderabad offering all kinds of AC Repair and services. We offer online AC Repair and Services in Hyderabad. We connect with 1500+ Professional Technicians and as we are locally based in Hyderabad and undertake all kinds of AC repair works in commercial, residential, apartments, Hospitals, and institutional. Our services at Affordable Prices in the live market.

    AC Repair and Services in KPHB Colony

    If you have any Air conditioning issues we are here to solve your problem then you need to checkout PRNV Services. We Repair and service all different types of air conditioners in Hyderabad. Our trained technicians take special care of your AC needs with on-time and quality service of your property and avoid future damage.

    Book Ac Repair and service Online

    Easy to book AC services in Hyderabad. Just go through the PRNV Services website select the Ac services and choose from the list of various service professionals based on their work experience and location.

    Our services are classified into categories

    We resolve all AC problems in your house or apartment, services in hospitals, Restaurants, super-specialty hospitals, and medical care, rise buildings, office space, and Shopping Malls, etc. Our local technicians near you just call and book for a quick response.

    Even if you can’t identify the problem also, depending on your needs our Air Conditioner technicians will resolve your problem. Just ask them to inspect the situation and they will come with the right solution.

    AC Services Near Me

    We service and repair in the field of AC Repair, AC Maintenance, AC Gas Filling, AC Installations, Advanced AC Piping Services.

    Types of Air Conditioners

    PRNV services repair all types of Air conditioners like Window AC, Central AC, Portable Air conditioners, Split AC, Geothermal Air Conditioner, Ductless Mini-Split, and Floor Mounted AC.

    We service and repair all AC major brands like Samsung AC, Blue star AC, Voltas AC, Blue star AC, Whirlpool AC, Videocon AC,   Hitachi AC, etc.

    We notice commonly AC Problems are:

    AC is not turning ON

    If you are facing a problem with this immediately you need to replace the batteries maybe if they are dead. If no problem with the batteries then need to check the Thermostat settings to determine whether or not the cooling mode is on together along with your desired temperature settings. If your thermostat is on, but your AC continues to be now no longer turning on, test the circuit breaker.

    AC Freezing not blowing cold air

    Your AC will not blow bloodless air if a grimy air clears out blocks the airflow of your unit. A dirty air filter can in addition freeze up the condenser unit and restrict the cooling strength of your AC. Changing your air clear out each month will help your AC unit blow cold air.

    AC Refrigerant Leak

    This cause mainly due to the temperature will vary and unit work not properly, and some other problems also we can see like High power consumption, Low efficiency, Coil freezing, Compressor damaged. Call now for a quick response.

    Condenser Coil Freezing

    This is the main cause we notice that every time in this if the coil fails then it is releasing heat air. So that solution for this is we clean the condenser coils once or twice a year and immediately contact the AC experts they can use a chemical solution to bring back.

    Evaporator Coils

    This is mainly caused due to absorbing indoor heat; try to clean coils every time with hot water and with detergent. So if the problems not clear then just call and book your appointment to get professional technicians.

    Why PRNV Services for Ac?

    PRNV Services is an easy and affordable best online service. If you are looking for AC services in Hyderabad. PRNV Services provides experienced technicians to solve your all Air conditioner problems with 100% customer satisfaction. Our technicians use genuine spare parts only. We Service anywhere in Hyderabad.

    PRNV Service gives a fast response to the customers whenever they book for any AC service. We accept Post service payment that means pay after when the customer satisfied with our service provided and the payment is taken both by an online portal and cash-free also.

    We Charge 30% less than compared to the market.


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